DAY 1- 14 Aug 09
14/08/2009, 18:57
Filed under: England

Photo-0046Photo-0047We left Charlotte’s place in Leyton in the afternoon, had food (in Leyton too!) … Needed to fill up the bellies before the tour! Few kilometers later, near Chigwell, Murat got a puncture!! Not even long enough to feel we really left! But he’s not the only one, you can see the red car at the back on the picture, they had a puncture too! Weirdly many more cars stopped to ask them if they needed help, none for us appart from the guy looking after the house nextdoor, although we maybe stayed there for about one hour! No, we know how to fix a puncture, it’s just that the tyres were new and really tight, so we were getting new punctures each time we were putting the tyre back on!!

p.s: check out our Calvin DeKlein poses..! 🙂 ha ha! Don’t know what happened there!?




Anyway we fixed them in the end, and cycled a bit more to find a place to sleep, and found a random field, and slept in one of the corner, half hidden. The only passerbys were people walking their dogs in the eve and in the morning, not particularly friendly…