DAY 4 Ferry
17/08/2009, 19:48
Filed under: England, Holland

We caught the ferry at 9am! We’re certainly not the only cyclists there, we can see we’re going to Holland the bicycle country! A group of them had loads of coca cola bottles on their bikes and nestle cheerios cereals :-[.


The crossing is 7 hours long. They trying to squeeze money out of people like they squeeze lemons: a shop, 2 restaurants, a cinema is on board. Multiple announcements to remind everyone they must buy. But our stomachs had to be filled up and we hadPhoto-0058 to buy breakfast,a bit of a scank I tell ya.

Muz  had finally the first opportunity to play his trumpet on the deck.

Arrival in Hoek von Holland. We discover that there’s cycle lanes EVERYWHERE! We didn’t even bother getting a map as we found this cycle route going along the coast to Haarlem, where we will need to turn to go to Amsterdam. It’s very well signposted, we can’t get lost! Along the coast the landscape is pretty amazing: on our left we’ve got the sea, and on our right, we’ve got a sea of greenhouses as far as the eye can see! Sorry pictures missing, the camera ran out of battery! There’s also sheep everywhere!

We went to the beach at sunset and had a paddle.ha ha


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guys if you take a ferry again go to the truckers section, just walk in and you get great hot food for so cheap, I got a massive breakfast coming back from Brussels a few weeks ago for a few quid. A lot of truckers bring along partners/hitch-hickers so you can spin a yarn if you get asked questions…as they sometimes ask for trucker ID etc, say you’re family or something. Roll on……

Comment by Ed

Play that trumpet Chetttttttttt

Comment by Ed

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