09/10/2009, 15:41
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SUNP0026hello bonjour hello.

as you can see amelie picking apples, you re right in guessing that we are at an apple farm.

we stayin with a nice english fella, and helping him with his apples. we have made loads of quince jelly, made apple compote, made  apple pies and guess what, had apple cake for our fella mr arthur reynolds 65th birthday garthering party. what a party it was, we had champagne too, the locals came over too, kids grannies and hercules, the neighbour who picked up 3m logs by him self when loading the lorry. muz was struggling just rolling them over. we are working hard here an having dreams with apples in them, we gonna try leave on monday towards slovenia, might be a bit hard to set off again as we have got used to having our own place again, yes mr arthur just gave the keys to one of his houses, very nice indeed.

oh yeah forgot to say that there is a big coca colla company here too, we saw it on our way and wanted to blow it up.. everyone we meet seems to have worked for them , we passed by the bosses house to drop off some plough and have heard about the other bosses, crazy stuff. there is hot thermals here so it attracts tourists and coca cola, they pumping out some waTER or something. they really are taking over the world,..

they have these scarecrow along the road outside houses, dont know why as they usually live on farms i thought, maybe its to scare away the coca cola.

also the little boy is the son of the guys house we randomly arrived at, he had the exact same adress as the apple farm we were travelling too. the only thing is that that its was 60km on the other side of the region, stupid google map gave us the wrong adress for his farm. what a detour hey, yeah so this man had some random strangers on bikes knocking on his door at 8pm, he didnt much english and must have thought we are bonkers as we we-re waving our arms about indicating apple picking etc trying to explain wwoofing took an hour, he was really nice and invited us to stay the night. in the morning he came over to offer us tea and some strong strong liquer, so we had to down a big shot each,, 7 in the morning. they drink vodka here to wake up. when we offered him the glass he said, no… i driving the kids to school. ha ha.

bye bye , salut comrades



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yop, Amelie & Muz–
Henrik here, a shame not to meet you during the summer.
hard one with the nuclear power plant… good to see you that your countrymen are masking up in turkey!!
just wanted to say hullo and hope that you are good safe & warm – if you pass by wot is spain let us know
love & respect

Comment by Henrik

Yo muz and Am,

Just been Reading your great posts. Sounds like your having lots of fun. How many apples have you eaten? I bet you know how to make lots of apple foods. .. More importantly though are you taking your vitamins? Uh? 😉
bro love,

x Mahmut

Comment by Mac

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