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17/11/2009, 18:59
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les yeux noirs

we from the milan catched a train to the pretty place ventimiglia, as we

had enough of the cold; its time to hide in south france for a bit. from there we had lunch at the place where the train crosses the road and the barrier goes down to stop people crossing and getting hurt. however the barrier was quite old and had a huge time delay, so as the barrier went down pedestrians would just go under the barrier and cross for another 3mins or so, and all the cars would do a U turn and cross over on motorway instead.  Anyway its was quite fun, and beautiful to photograph, if u know what i mean, these locals crossing at the final town before France.

Then we cycled through the night along the coast towards Nice, stopped at Monaco for a coffee opposite the grand hotel, seeing loads of fancy cars and fancy people. it was a quiet ride to Nice along the coast with stars etc, seeing the citys lights from distance ; nice nice nice;;;;;……………and so we in NICE. yeah its nice, not nice like monaco but more nice than that, i would saw very nice;

we staying with stephane an manon on the 5th floor, its nice. they are nice to;went for a walk up the mountain and found some nice mushrooms, also on the wkend went for a walk along the canal which was also nice, muz described the canal atmosphere to stephane as like film ‘Weekend’ by Godard. we have been watching films here every nite, averaging 2 a nite, as there is a projector here as well as the Claude Sautet collection . daytime spent chilling walking, beach etc as been very sunny;

Also big up Gérard et Françoise for the nice evening in Nice with champagne and pizza, it was nice to see you.

Tomooorrrow insallah, we start cycling to MArseille !!

les yeux noir


les yeux noir


ly noir


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