02/12/2009, 22:55
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we are like squirrels hiding for the winter

yes, like birds fly to warm places, we have ridin to a warmer place to hide a few months, however since yesterday its starting to get cold here too. so we thinking of inventing wings for bikes!!

From Nice we set off cycling towards marseille, loads of palm trees and beaches again,. Our first day after setting off we ended up cycling for ages, right till 9ish as we couldnt find a place to place the tent. the rocky coastline line, up and downish, meant all the flat land  was already built on, meaning no flat grass for the tent; only the beach! but policeman dont like tents on the beach,, especially the franceman police so, . we just kept cycling in the night untill we got to a campsite, we were the only ones in the campsite. i think the campsite was closed, nice grass though

St Aygulf, where amelie learnt how to swim, we went there for lunch on the beach under the bridge and walked on the golden rocks of the harbour place. we then cycled off to cavalaire where we knew we could stay with Manon’s auntie Martine. we however had to push our bikes up the drive as the house was up in the big big hill.

anyway next morning really sunny and hot, so after an hours ride and breakfast we stopped off at the beach, muzzy got inspired and swam in the sea with fishes ,whilst amelie slept on the beach. we got sun lazy and stayed on beach all day and cooked pasta at sunset, slept in a parking/camping 100m from beach, not so nice grass.

.still sunny, lunch on beach again, then got into Toulon; a city like Nice but with more of a Marseille character.we stayed  the  nite with Sebastien and Julie. they too like traveling, and woofing, and singing songs , so we had a really nice time together. they have a baby cat named Emir, (from black cat white cat).

our camera had no battery so not much photos affraid, but we got to marseille; and have been partying a bit. went to a moustache party with youngsters playing manouche on some expensive guitars. another party had a wood oven in the garden so made pizzas, however the neighbour wasnt so happy about the noise so he threw water at us, then he started tossing over raw eggs. must be a marseillien thing.

we now looking at visas, and planning on how to cycle towards India after the winter, will update very  soon  on the other posts with missing stories, but for now not much is happening other than city life i guess.

…….we gonna reply to all the lovely messages you have left us  . THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!