19/05/2010, 14:41
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. we spent the week chilling out in kiev waiting for our kazahstan visa. we met another cyclist also during the same thing. yes cycling to india. he 2 was at the kazahstan consulate. so we met up and had a beer in the park. muz played chess with the locals there. was sweet.was fun.  so, hopefully in kazakstan we are going to try and meet up wit our cyclist buddie and become the famous three Musketeers ( les 3 mousquetaires ) (who’s gonna the 4th one???) he he… muz is also growing a moustache too, so that way he can get ready to play the famous Borat.

we stayed wit some lovely hosts in kiev, had a great view from mr K’s balcony, where we saw a funeral one early morning. it was quite beautiful, but strange to see the coffin get taken away by a bus. with our other host Lyudmila we encountered the nearby lakes. we cycled there with our triathlon superstar host, and chilled out. peolple were making fires , bbq music etc, just like in romania. blah blah blah so

so we left kiev and cycled to chernigov. was a sunny ride along the river. only problem was that there were too many bugs, red ants biting us and mostiquos trying the same thing. annoying. we cycled too fast and arrived early at chernigov, so we had time to kill again. nice. many police present here as the new law passed recently making it illegal to drink on the streets. so the police are always wandering around , mainly in parks looking to make some pocket money. they stopped us for leaning our bikes on the park bench next to the big daddy Lenin statue.

after a couple of days here we had a group of friends to hang out with. we went to the former satelite town of chernoby. was pretty quiet, about 40km from chernoby. not much happening there.

our gang, later on accompanied us to the railway to say bye. felt like’ yesterday’.without their present we wouldnt have got on the train as the train conductor was being a bitch and not letting our lovely bikes on. we showed him some papers we obtained from kiev. he got scared , then helped us wit our bikes. he was suddenly really really friendly towards us. papers papers papers. thats how it works here. and cash too.

Un petit mot en francais… On a bien aime Kiev. Avec ses toits, ses rues, ses habitants bien sympathiques, en tout cas, tous nos hotes l’etaient! On a pris le funiculaire, on a observe un enterrement d’un balcon au huitieme etage, on a ete voir les manifs des democrates socialistes et des anarchistes qui defilaient avec les syndicats independents (d’ou les drapeaux avec le Che et la faucille et le marteau, trop drole pour une manif d’anar). On a ete manger les plats traditionnels ukrainiens (on est toujours vegetariens -et on le restera!, la bouffe ukrainienne vegetarienne existe!) dans des traditionnels fast food ukrainiens (veridique!) et on a rencontre un allemand qui voyage aussi a velo et qui va aussi en Inde!! On doit normalement, si tout va bien, se retrouver au Kazakhstan, notre prochaine etape.

On a donc quitte Kiev par une belle journee ensoleillee. On a vite dechantes… La premiere nuit on s’est fait attaques par des enormes fourmis rouges et une armee de moustiques!!! On s’est enfermes dans la tente et on n’est plus sortis de toute la nuit! Resultats, 20 piqures a compter seulement sur une seule jambe, donc jvous parle pas du reste..! Les moustiques nous ont suivis jusqu’a Chernigov ou nous sommes arrives 2 jours plus tard, apres avoir essuye plusieurs deluges et orages… Nous sommes restes chez deux hotes differents. Ils nous ont emmenes dans une ville satellite de Chernobil (a 40km). On s’est fait une bande de potes fans de nos voyages. Ils nous ont meme accompagnes jusqu’a la gare et nous ont aide a monter dans le train avec nos gros sacs de Barbes et nos velos demontes dans des sacs special-velo. Le controlleur voulait evidemment nous faire payer au debut, mais vu la troupe qui nous accompagnait pluss des papiers en ukrainiens qui expliquaient ce qui allait lui arriver (en bref des problemes avec la justice) s’il nous laissait pas monter,  il nous a finalement meme aides a tout porter et poser dans les portes bagages!

ciao ciao!!






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