23/10/2010, 15:17
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so yeeah we are back in China. wow hot n spicy nice sweet pocket friendly food and beer!! heaven,, some might say.

well not so much heaven as little miss typhoon megi has hit S.E.  asia, pretty bad in some places. places we are heading too. we are currently in Shanghai, its been rainy all day. at first we thought that miss megi had come early but all is gud. its just miserable dull rain.

we arrived to Quindao by boat, stayed a night with Hann lin lin and Li Wei bin. we went to the golden beach together and the parents cooked up a marvelous dinner.  they were ace, a nice welcoming.

we got on a bus with bunk beds inside, a 12 hour ride to shanghai. however we both slept on the floor as we didnt understand chinese and got a bit messed around by the driver.

china is so huge that we havent got time to cycle it all to vietnam, meaning we have to catch transport. so our next plan is too get a train to Nanning and from there go for a wonder on the bikes to the great waterfall. we spent the whole day at the train staion and still no ticket. so so many people. its crazy to see thousands of people in one place. we couldnt get a ticket and will try again 2moro as not sure if we can get the bikes on board.

shangai VS beijing. yes the big battle . which city is more rappers delight?? well we dont know yet,, but yesterday we went out for a stroll .. and saw many bars in the french concession,   many foreigners too. they all out to party,!! tomorrow night round midnight we gonna try sneak into the world expo for free and drink up the left over wine,, we got a secret agent contact on the case!! the expo has taken over here,, you find expo written everywhere,, but its quite expensive and we heard its crap too.  so sod that stuff. hoepfully we get to drink the wine tho.


Et nous voici de nouveau en Chine! Le bateau depuis la Coree nous ammene a Qingdao, vous connaissez, c’est la d’ou vient la biere Tsingtao! On y reste seulement une journee et une nuit. On est heberges par des couchsurfeurs Lilin et son copain Wei Bin, adorables, ils nous aident pour tous les trucs qu’on avait a faire, trop cool, et nous emmenent voir la “golden beach” qui est la plus grande plage d’Asie apparemment.

On prend un bus pour Shanghai. Dure bataille, on se fait a moitiee arnaques, mais le chauffeur nous rend finalement 100 yuan (+/- 10euros) sur les 500 donnes. C’est que dur de voyager en transport avec les velos, faut toujours donner plus! grrrr

Par contre c’est marrant, c’est un bus-lit, y’a trois rangees de lits dedans.. (mais nous on a dormi par terre, a part les quatre dernieres heures..). Pas eu le temps de prendre de photos, on est sortit en catastrophe du bus a Shanghai car on s’est reveilles a la derniere minute!

Shanghai, Shanghai, on en a pas vu grand chose car il pleut des cordes, surement a cause de ce typhon Megi pas loin, un plus peu au sud, qu’a fait des ravages un peu partout en asie du sud… Normalement on devrait passer derriere lui, donc on va voir les domages causes, ca va pas etre drole..

voila pour les dernieres news et photos,.

ciao ciao!


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Wouahou! Vous avancez vite! Et super ton relooking Murat! Nous sommes tjs a nous ballader dans les montagnes Nippones, il fait caillos mais les couleurs des arbres sont magnifiques. Laissez nous des fleches au bord de la route pour quand on essayera de vous rattraper!

Sarah et Romain

Comment by Sarovelo

I knew you were a great surfer, man, keep on riding! Kiss from Mars to U 2

Comment by nico

hola! happy new year rootz! i found this through the Chinese news website, People’s Daily Online,

A frenchman who rode 4 months with a solar array on the back of his bike (what did it power)!


Comment by Lish

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