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GOA, Margao & Benaulim

HEY      ZoeSPh,,     where u Goin with thAt ### in Ur hand

we get up early, leave our Gokarnan bamboo hut and push our bikes along the wettish part of the beach. its red sunrise times,, cows still sleeping on the beach , we need a coffee.  . but we finally out this place. Goa here we come:

so we get to Margoa, Goa.  muz fixes his puncture. we head to the Benaulim beach to find a place to kip. we find a tasty looking joint on the roadside, so stop of for some food, an attempt to taste some Goan specialties.                     The waiter has a moustache and a running nose, but he plays it cool as he places the chapatis on the table, without rubbing his nose.

we decide to check out every guest house in town with the attempt to find the cheapest ,, so it worked.       we found one for 150ruppes, comes with shower, sitting toilet, a fan, and a wooden table and 2 chairs man. splendid mate. and pretty spacious too. we push our bikes inside and pop open a bottle of wine (sweet port actually).  and have an #apero# with cheese and crackers on our table and chairs. we light a candle and insense stick. CHILL

Apparently mr hotel dude told us that b4 us, there was a cycling couple from france and they too stayed in the very same room. room no 1.  Apparently they liked it so much,  got toooooo comfy infact  and ended up staying for 3months or somethin. must hav been the wooded  table and chairs.

so we headout into the streetZ to check out the scene a bit. wat a gowanin.    there is a church.    indians singin choir songs,, loads of expensive restaurants for the holiday makers and a few dozen tourist shop sellers annoying us each time we walk by.” hello my friend,, what is your good name sir” etc etc.  we realise we are in the wrong place man. at the german bakery we find a flyer that lookish kindy youthy–some live blues rock concert thing–some band—  so we cycle down some dark paths and find the place by listening with our ears. we take a seat, actually 2 seats ,, and  , have some of the this port thing as its cheaper than the banana lassie. the band is pretty shit actually. and we are surrounded by people in theiR 60’s, maybe 50’s. everybody here in margoa is in that age group,, reckon is the hippies that stayed on from the times wen GOa was a bit more ravey.      so the indian rockish band plays ##hey zoe##  we get happy,, but however he dont shoot his lady down so well in that jimi line, no passion man. so we get up and leave  as the next act is even worse!!. the barman gives us a discount and says ” sorry i know this guy is bad but on monday it will be better”  .   we thinking monday we b out of this place!!

in the end we ended up staying till wednesday as after going to the beach and sitting on that table,, well….we got quite into the quiet oldie style. got comfy.    again felt like being on holiday, except like one with the parents, but with no parents of course!


GOA, à Margao et Benaulim

Goa, on en avait tellement entendu parler… Mais on savait pas quoi en penser. À la base on voulait pas y aller, mais on était coincés à Gokarna, et Goa était l’endroit d’où partent tous les trains pour ailleurs…

On y est donc restés quatre jours, le temps d’attendre un train (faut pas être pressé en Inde). Goa, c’est l’état, et nous on est allés se poser à Benaulim, la plage la plus proche de Margao (une des villes principales de Goa).L’ambiance, c’était plutôt transats sur la plage occupés par des russes en famille, donc ambiance pas très jeune, très différent de Gokarna. Pas trop notre style, quoi, mais bon, on s’adapte! Le bon côté c’est qu’on avait une chambre super pas chère (ça y est c’est la fin de saison et ils cassent les prix) et très grande avec une table, donc on a pas mal cassé la croute dedans, ça faisait du bien de choisir son menu! On a aussi passé du temps dans Margao et ses forts sympathiques bazars et marchés, et rendu visite à un bijoutier.

Puis nous revoilà partis en train pour un trajet d’un jour et demi pour arriver a Delhi.


cup of tea mate ?

thaTs ma Doggg !


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