It seems like I can’t have all the route from the beginning on only one map 😦 I don’t know how to do it! If you’re good at stuff like this, please email us!!!


So here’s the 3rd part of the voyage from Mongolia, after one year of travels! (from August 2010 to April 2011) :

green : by bike

brown : by bus

purple : by train

dark blue : by boat

light blue : by plane 😦


Here’s the second part of the trip after the cold winter. We’re on the road again!! (From November 2009 to August 2010) :


green : by bike

brown : by bus

purple : by train

orange : hitch hike/autostop

Well we stayed in Marseille for the winter, from November till beginning of March 2010, and we still have no definite plan, everything can change!

But we’ve got our Russian visas for 15th May, so that’s where we’re going for now.


This is the first part of the trip, from August to November 2009 :

green: by bike

blue: by boat

purple: by train

marker: where we are now

We staying south of France for the winter. Maybe in Marseille, maybe wwoofing, we shall see.

Afterwards, in spring, the plan is to go EAST! So through Europe again, and in the wrong order : Russia, Kazakstan, China, Nepal, India, Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand… and keep going hopefully.  No definite definite plan yet, we’re thinking it through during the long & dark winter evenings!


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Hey sweat hearts & stiff butts, I’ll be working in Grasse, out in the country side north of Cannes, up until the end of november. Don’t know if I’ll have much free time, but if u’re around let me know!! 06 19 60 90 16. Love U! Pedal around free flowers to keep the world turning…

Comment by marsios


Alex gave me your blog… i’m currently travelling (for already 10 months) by bike..from portugal to the balkans…and i started my way back yesterday (it will take some months still, as i stop a lot (also mainly in social centers, eco-villages and other autonomous places)

you can check my blgo (always not up to date :D) to check where i’m at the moment… but my plan is to go in some says to ljubljana (Slovenia) and then cross north italy (almost for sure, milan will be a stop place)…if you’re cycling around the same area i would be glad to join you for some days or for some part of the trip…my destination now is east :p…

let me know more

Comment by Joãko Taborda

Salut les bikers fous!

Je me permet d’écrire en français mon niveau d’anglais étant quelque peu…mauvais.
Alors p’tite puce, comment va? Pas trop mal aux mollets? D’après ce que j’ai compris tout va pour le mieux pour vous deux et vous faites de merveilleuses rencontres!!! Par contre vous devez bien vous cailler les miches, bien que je sache que vous avez le matéiel adéquat, mais bon quand même. Alors passage dans le sud de la France prochainement?

Embrassez les nicois de ma part (Manon et Stéphane)et tenez au courant des dates probables de votre passage. Ca sera peut etre l’occasion de se voir.

Pense fort à toi!!! Big up!!!


Comment by Clémence

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