19/07/2009, 13:58
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SUNP0036So finally after many many days..we packed up our stuff, had a jumble sale, had a nice leaving party , said bye to all. we left our home in homerton, double bike trailler action with seb velo’s help, he took most bike stuff and the rest to noncommerical house, other bike stuff went to the bike graveyard in hackney and what was left to infoshop!

After packing up our bikes to go, we realised we had too much stuff… oh shit . so back to charlotte’s to off load.

another two days at charlotte’s (thank you thank you Charlotte!!), took off 1/3 weight and used a spider web idea instead of heavy plastic case on trailler… clever!

So in the end we left 4 days late on what we had planned, not too bad..

SUNP0034SUNP0033Photo-0040jumble salejumble sale


Leaving party!
18/07/2009, 13:55
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IMG_1162IMG_1178yes yes, here are a few pictures from our leaving party. Thanks Blondie for those pics! Shame not everyone at the party’s on them..