GERARD, Bucuresti, Romania

PAULINE, Bucuresti, Romania


CLAUDIA, Bucuresti, Romania


NICKY, Bucuresti, Romania


EDDIE, Braila, Romania


ANA, Braila, Romania

‘aslan’ in turkish means ‘lion

BRIONY, Kiev, Ukraine


LALE, Kiev, Ukraine

HELEN, Moscow, Russia

TERRANCE, Kiev, Ukraine


Stephanos Mangriotis, Almaty, Kazakhstan


AMELIE, Semey, Kazakhstan


HO, Seoul, South Korea


It’s not called “MUZ”, but “Miss & Mr Potatoe” and it’s a potatoe shop!!! Seoul, South Korea


Now even better, a potatoe shop called “Irish Potatoe”! Seoul, South Korea


FANNY, Hanoi, Vietnam



ALEX, for all the Alexs we know… Vietnam


LALA DOG…… you know who u R darl.. Khe Sanh, Vietnam

SILA, Ban Tha Sila, Thailand

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Haha!You’ve got to find a MUZ shop name now, hopefully a potato shop, maybe somewhere in China!

Comment by Ed

hey Murat! great!!!now I know where my rootz 🙂

Comment by Sila Ayhan

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