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so> volieeeeeeeeA    we pick the Assif man at Mooooooooooumbai. we hang out the four> make a joke that give it 5 days he too will have the belly N rear problemz that we are still experiencin. in the end he doesnt actually get any rear issues.—!! BRAVO!!            we stay with a beautiful french couple (Julien et Ann near the princess hotel area of town> and spend the next few days packing up our stuff to send back as a parcel. since  we have now decided to do some back packing.our last 2weeks in India. is babylone calling???

Assif N pauline decide to do go off and do some romantiks together and head to find non tourit areas> Muz and Am decide to head back to the Beach lifestyle and experience a little holiday again> one last time!!!  so we have a last breakfast together make chapatiis on the stove fire.  chappatiS Ended up  better than the indians actually. \

We head towards Goa- Arambol as Rita sends us a message saying its pretty chilled there. so off we go.

our train is at midnightish from the V.T. train station. muzY takes a bottle of kingfisher from the fridge & we try head to the coast line area to chill but its all blocked off due to the cricket final. cant drink beer too !! we shoulder glimpse at the cricket final with the enormous growing crowd outside the modern coffee shop. as  coffee place has a tele. cricket mad.   crowds form around anywhere there is a tele.

we head to station and watch the last overs of the match on the street. from a tv in a tree. drums,, shouting,, silence, sweat, AN EXperience . an atmosphere for sure.  the last over ,, india might do it!!  but we gotta go tho. so we rush off to leap onto the train> as the train pulls out.—–the fireworks set off,, some cries,, joys. a blast!!!  so we understand that india has won. world champs!!  no surprise. Krisna must be proud of his boys>


get off train with 2 frenchies and head towArds Arambol. A crowd of cab drivers N rikshawERs are lurking at train station. they tell us that there is no bus to Arambol etc etc. we know they are full of crap so we walk down the hill and jump on the local bus. its packed out and we the only foreigners on board as the others fell for the cab drivers trick.

we walk down towards the beach hunting out for Rita,, one the frenchies goes to the bushes, to do the number 2. so we head on, as he takes a while. we catch Rita on a roof top sipping some lassie with a young dreadlock white rasta lookin dude- dave his name,, the music buddy of robbie. we chill talk and head to the beach>. ameile hits the sack as belly upset again.  on the way to beach muz meets the jungle man. Jungle man is his real name,, well thats what he calls him self> we sit down next to him and his medicines. he tells us how he takes the roots from the jungle and makes medicines etc.  just sitting next to him chills you out man. trancin. meditETive vibes. He shows us photos of his ancestors from the jungle,, his grandfarthA with a primativ spearrr an all,, big white beard ,1/2 naked ,, rag round waist, top etc with painted face colours. looks the part man must say> he takes muz’s hand feels his pulse and gives him the low down,,, ”your so and so is not working properly”,, ”your dick this N that”. ”your liver this N that”> ”What!!!””  sound like shit man,,, then he refers to his cure,………obviously, the jungle man’s medicine from the jungle, PURE,  —    R O O TZ    —. expensive too.  Muz takes Amelie to the jungle man the next day,, he pulls out the same jiberish ON her,, but the woman version,  ‘Bien sur’. ie instead of dick problem ,,  lady triangle problem >  you guessed it mate.  however dont get rasta wrong n all,,, mean 2 say— talking to Mr Jungle man is nice and relaxing,, he is in his ‘own world’ and makes money from the occasional random Tourist,, his English is not so good either,, but    neither-the-less   he has memorised the problems well.  so he gives the same speach to everybody we Reckons. his presence and wat he repreZents is true,, from the rootz. the jungle man. peace.

After passing the jungle Man, the walk leads to a smaller less quiet beach. less peeps, and there is a sweet lake that joins the sea. we swim in the lake amoungst trees and grass, jungle style, its a wierd feeling but very sensational. then crawl out,, walk next door and we hit the waves in the sea. !!

we hang out in Goa on the beach all day long,, mostly with Rita> she cool man> she however cant stop buying and gets a little addicted to bargaining. womans come to Goa pay some bakseesh to the cop man and get to sell necklesses to beach GoAerZ.   In gokarna it was fruit sellerZ ,, here its neckless braclets etc>  Rita buys from every body as she cant say ”no” the poor sweet heart.      bless .    muz one day grabs the ladies blankets, her braclets etc and spends a few hours walking up Ndown the beach to help her sell her stuff. the lady comes from the south and has her family there. however she has an opportunity to make some petit cash from the touristA— so she comes here during the season>..   liFe.

we also saw the planet Satern for 10 rupees. some mad Italien fella ,, in his lates,, but still in his youngs too. he took our nite and explained the universe. muz Am N rita couldnt walk away….. he sits on the beach every year and pulls out his telescope. apparently a Russian copied his idea down in Gokarna, he told us>but he is the original master  ,, so pass it on.  he told us that nowadays people dont care bout astronomy and he finds rare oportunities to edukate peeps about the skies above us. listening to him was like understanding algerbra for the 1st time, a language that opens gates to the mathematikal  heavens.


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