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We got to ljubljana in the end, after being in the nature for so long we started dreaming of non nature things,,. like CINEMA!! alors, so on arrival to the capitallll, being cold and all, we said we go to the cinema for just jokes even if we dont understand a word it would be worth it to just sit and warm up.. ha ha luckly there was a week of “nouvelle vague” cinema at the pics, so our dream came true. even better, afterwards we meet antoine from belgium just outside.. so op the french speaking again. He had been in Ljubljana since a few days and he took us to the metelkova, place squatted for many years, for a drink. And we stayed with him in Rog, see pictures, the squat here is too big for them so we had a whole floor for us, a bit cold at nights tho:



sunp0006we chilled in the city, really cool place, had burek many times and cooked food in the city park where we saw an abdoned shopping trolley in the kids play area.we found it funny as in the kids area were no kids, just us and old man smoking and his wife streching of the slide and a dumbed shopping trolley. typical city stuff hey. then we met alja and igor and their dog aska oh and their couchsurfer from czech Rep, Nikola. really cool peeps, they rock n roll too. had beers on the statue place at 3 bridges and learned about the ins and outs of the city.








bike repairs by superman.. thankyou



Aleksander and Azra took us in in Sezana near the italian border. They re our first hosts from, hospitality for cycle touring people. so we talked about our cycling trips, and we had warmshowers!!


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Hey hey,

so, we left the apple farm on a bloody windy and cold day, so windy that we planned our route so that the wind somehow gets in our back, which kind of worked.. We were about to take a break when someone, who saw two crazy persons on crazy loaded bikes, couldn’t help asking us where we were from, in english! It must be said that we’ve been communicating a lot with gestures and mimic, and hearing english is rare… This was followed by an invitation for a warm cup of tea, and as cheeky as we are we asked if we could plant the tent in the garden.. and finaly were invited to sleep in the living room -also as it was going to freeze at night- as if we were family! And guess what we did in in the house to help? We picked apples!!! Ha ha!


This was the house of Agota and Kalman, and their daughters Katalin and Zsilvia, and it’s Zsilvia who saw us on the street. She’s vegetarian and her sister too, and we discovered we have many things in common, and it’s so nice to find someone like that in a complete different country! We went to Kalman’s wine cellar, he makes an excellent wine, a really really good one!!We even stayed two nights in the end as it was still really windy the next day, but we finally got back on the road, with still cold weather but our winter clothes are used now!

We then crossed the slovenian border, and went to Jeruzalem…

mr Reynolds told us that jeruzalem is a must see.. we thought he was just talking, but actually wow really beautiful place. its a village in the hills, many many hills, with little houses all with vineyards going up down across the valleys in beautiful directions. our 10pound camera broke up there from the cold so coulnt take photos im affraid. we went wine tasting and some camp wine dude with ‘tony n guy’ style hair served us a glass, he wasnt very nice actually, probably because we scared away his rich customers arriving with BMWs,  seeing some eurogypsies sipping wine over the counter and asking to fill up water bottles. anyway not bad the wine, the best wine we tasted was when Mr Kalman took us to his cellar.


we slept in jeruzalam in the end, we found a pitch next to some house , in the morning they gave us wine, water and grapes to take-away!! all grapes here are white apart from a few red ones, like to refer to them as the holy grapes of jesus, our take-away grapes were red indeed! sweet ones too. anyway our shitty camera worked again in the morning as we sat on it for a while to heat it up(must have been moses with his miracles again), the photo above does not at all capture the beauty of the valley afraid,  but it captures where the neighbour just ploughed his potato field the day before instead, pretty ugly hey.. anyway thats where we slept and saw the sunset over the valleys, with our takeaway wine from the camp winegeezer of this holy wine land. appartenly its where the crusades stayed and got drunk back in my grandad days.

oh forgot to mention, in jerzulam whilst cyclin through, we meet a handsome doggy dog at a resto, later whilst leaving the place, saw the dog down the road. doggy was exactly like Ali’s dog in amsterdam, beautiful, so we called him cena too, the dog ended up following us and running through the vineyards along the wavy roads through the valley, was so amazing, unforetunatly the dog followed us for about 30 mins, maybe 5km. ooops! we thought that that was it, cena 2 is coming with us, to france at least! we asked neighbours if they knew the dogs owner as we dont like stealing dogs from people u know. anyway they laughed , and said its the dog of jeruzalam , and said dont worry. but they were drunk , sitting eating horsechesnuts and as we didnt speak language wasnt sure we could take the dog wit us. so, as the dog was in their wineyard, we did a runner mate,, and left the dog wit them, oopps. that way we hoped that he could find his master again, muzzy was really sad as its his dream to travel on bike wit a dog, especially one like cena!!



rock and rollSUNP0018

rock and roll babySUNP0021



yeah yeah rock an roll





rock n roll happy days


we are now in Ljubljana, the capital, met a frenchie last nite as we came out le cinema from watching a french film (mouchette) he took us to the social centre where we staying, some alternate culture here for a capital with only 250,000 peeps. aint got much time to write more but lots n lots more to say , especially about above photos n here. ciao ciao ladies and gentlemen