15/09/2009, 07:14
Filed under: Czech Republik, Germany, Holland

elo elo,

so we still alive, we havent had internet for a while, as been czcling thro czech Rep. we are currentlz in benesov, a little city 50km east from prague.

so we left amsterdam wit a hand built front wheel by lester, cheers dude, its well built man, and thanks Ali for the nice hub and rim!!SUNP0009

we arrived to a squatted farm after riding infront of a massif storm, as we arrived it pissed it down, like big cats and fat dogs. the farm was cool, made bread in clay oven, cooked alot, chilled with the goats and sheep,played wit cats etc. SUNP0007listened to valeria on the accordeon-piano and mathias on the guitar, so nice. oh and as wwoofer we helped in the secret garden… we stayed 4 dazs there and then headed towards another squatted farm , this 1 had no water but was in a monument building, met some cool peeps, we washed in the local lake then headed to german border to grab the regional train super wkend pass

it took 11 hours on the regional trains from kleve to chemnitZ. was tiring and met some energeticSUNP0044 granmas on bike bikes doing the same thing, they did the same train journez as us and were racing us on the platform changes.. crazy.. must b the olive oil.

we have been czcling since chemnitz through chumotov, prague and now benesov. its up and down hills mountains, but really amazing being at the top, beautiful views. its started raining in mornings, and getting cold.

its 9am, this internet cafe is not so cheap and the man next to us is blowing his cheap czechi fag smoke in our faces, so reckon its time to hit the road again. will update photos etc once we find internet agian, mazbe in bratislava. rock n roll